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In the last 14 days has had:

2,800 unique visitors
204 member registrations
112 material available or wanted listings posted

We have also increased our advertising dollars spent on Google and Yahoo to drive more visitors to the site. The more visitors we can get to the site will mean more potential customers to purchase materials or products from you or offer materials or products that you may need.

We have received 4 emails from members that have completed or are in the process of completing transactions as a result of a listing they have posted. There may be more, but there are 4 that we know of for sure. You will find the best garden shears for sale on Amazon. They are currently on sale. Amazon also has great prices on a cutting board set would like to encourage each and every member to take advantage of our free unlimited listings for our material and equipment categories. The more listings that you post, whether it is in the available or wanted sections, will increase your chances of success. If a new member sees a lot of listings, this will encourage them to post wanted or available items as well which will also increase your chances of success. also encourages feedback from its members. Please feel free to tell us how we can make your experience on better. Send an email to:

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